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COP26 Special Edition – Paris Agreement

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COP26 Glasgow 2021

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Preliminary information on COP26 Glasgow 2021

COP26 will take place in the Scottish city of Glasgow, between October 31 and November 12, 2021, and not in 2020 as planned. Its postponement was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This change of date was agreed between the UN and the Governments of the United Kingdom and Italy, which are in charge of its organization. Alok Sharma is the President of the Conference. His motto is: “Uniting the world to tackle climate change.”

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Brief History of the COP 

©Published first time in November 2015 – Updated August 2021

From COP1 to COP26 we summarize everything that has happened in these important annual climate conferences

Three visions on the Paris Agreement


From Kyoto to Paris,
history of two climate agreements

The Second World War had just finished … the reconstruction of Europe and Japan began.


The Paris Agreement,
the hope of

For now, the document is the only thing we have at hand to win the guame against climate change.

Climate ambition is the fundamental guideline of the Paris Agreement.

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What do we know about Glasgow?

Special Report COP26 Glasgow 2021…

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The name Glasgow comes from Gaelic and means “dear green place”

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Green Hydrogen Catapult”, the best news

Green Hydrogen the fuel of the future to succeed the oil age

Ground transportation

Green Hydrogen renewable energy 100% free of CO2 emissions

Air and maritime transport

Green Hydrogen, infinite energy, clean, totally sustainable

Heavy industry

Now developing


Hurricanes, winds that cause great damage  
* 1-2-3 Hurricanes in few words * Hurricane hunting planes, how they operate. * How a hurricane is born * Will there be a category 6 for hurricanes? * Is there a relationship between hurricanes and global warming? * Preventions for before, during and after hurricanes…

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Climate Change

Climate Change and its origin
Climate change is directly related to global warming due to human activities. It is manifested by heat waves, droughts, floods, forest fires, deterioration of the permafrost seals…

The Climate Change

Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change and their relationships 
It is necessary to be very clear about the difference between these three phenomena on Earth, although they are so closely related to each other that it is almost impossible to talk about one of them without mentioning the other two…

Climate change, what is it and what are its causes? 
* 1-2-3 climate change in few words * Three inseparable phenomena: global warming, greenhouse effect and climate change * How to avoid climate change (video) * At what level of the atmosphere does the greenhouse effect occur? * Human causes of global warming…

Global Warming

PPM-CO2 the carbon letters that write our future 
Humanity has always had a special concern to know what destiny holds. The popular and universal horoscopes, the tarot cards, the deck of cards, the crystal ball or the palmistry, are the best evidence of this human need. The Greeks used to go to the oracle of Delphi, a sanctuary dedicated to the God Apollo, to request an answer…

Natural global warming, key factor of life on Earth 
* How natural global warming works * Anthropogenic warming * Fourier saw it clear in 1824 * The biosphere, a thin layer that contains all the life of our planet * Causes of global warming * 10 major emitters of CO2 * Have we reached the Anthropocene? Increase in temperature…


The Environment
It is the space in which living beings develop, surrounded by inanimate elements, such as air, water, soil, a variety of substances, fluids, energy and other physical and chemical phenomena, including what is manufactured, built or discarded by Humans.

How we affect our environment in nine different ways 
Environmental pollution, in the classical concept, occurs when certain elements that cause harmful effects accumulate in quantities that nature cannot recycle. A contaminant is a substance that is found in a medium to which it does not belong or that does so at levels that can cause adverse effects. >…


Origin, importance and degradation of soils 
* Origin and importance of soils * Degradation * How are volcanoes formed? * The substrate and the success of life on Earth * The substrate explained without words * Life arises anywhere on Earth * The soil is alive * Soil diversity * Causes of pollution…


The Anthropocene 
The Anthropocene is the name that some scientists have proposed to indicate a new geological era, characterized by the great modifications to the planet made by humans. These activities have begun to cause noticeable biological and geophysical changes on Earth…



On our planet, living beings are born, live, grow, eat, sleep, reproduce, attack, escape and die using energy in all these stages. Even to exhale the last breath they need a small dose of energy…

Wind Power

Wind Power: clean, renewable and natural

* The wind turbine, the heart of the wind system * The parts of a wind turbine * This is how it produces electricity * Aeolus, god of the winds * Wind farms * Incredible! How to transport a blade: not as small, not as light as it seems * Video: traffic accident with a wind turbine. >…


Fracking fever, a real threat to Paris Agreement
The failure of the Paris Agreement would be the failure of Homo sapiens. If we do not reverse the increase in global warming and we do not support sustainability on our planet, we will all be losers. There are clear indications that we are going in a opposite direction. >…


Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing

* Why fracking is not an option (video). * The dangers of fracking * Products obtained * A cloak of mystery about chemicals * A day in Vaca Muerta, a camp in Argentina. We show you the secrets of fracking that very few know. >…


The forests
Among the forests of the world, the tropical rain forest or pluvisilva stands out. They are located in the belt of the planet, around the Earth’s equator, mainly in South America, Africa and the islands of Southeast Asia. The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world…

Why does the lung of the world burn?
It is no little that is at stake in the Amazon rainforest. The lung of the world should not be a token in a casino roulette. This biodiversity emporium is about 7 million km2, it is 12 times the size of Spain, it has 80,000 kinds of trees, 140,000 species of plants, 20% of the world’s species…

Amazon, the largest and most exuberant rainforest on the planet
* The Amazon and the extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere * The jungle in figures * The 9 countries that share it * Destruction in numbers * The Amazon river key to the jungle * The quantified river * The 12 dangers that loom over the Amazon…


The ABC of Wildfires: Australia, Brazil, and California

It is no little that is at stake in the Amazon rainforest. The lung of the world should not be a token in a casino roulette. This biodiversity emporium is about 7 million km2, it is 12 times the size of Spain, it has 80,000 kinds of trees, 140,000 species of plants, 20% of the world’s species…

Australia: A mirror for the world?
Could Australia be the first area of the planet with a climate change concluded?
Not only are the mega fires out of control, which with their violent flames devastate everything they find in their path. Now other phenomena join the fires, increasing the anguish and misfortune of its poor inhabitants, animals and vegetation.