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Climate Conferences

The future belongs to the youngest

Special Report 2021

The Paris Agreement

Analysis: Strengths and weaknesses of the Paris Agreement

Special Report 2021

COP26 Glasgow 2021 y Race to Zero

What is expected of COP26? What do we know about Glasgow?

Special Report 2021

Green Hydrogen

Is green hydrogen the energy of the future?


World Water Day, 22 March

For this year 2021 the UN has selected as a theme the valuation of water. Regardless of what its price represents, the highest value of water is given by being an essential good for life, on planet Earth without water life is impossible. For this reason it is considered one of the essential human rights, having portable water is vital for the entire population of the world, and water is also essential to preserve the integrity of our natural environment.
Water is a resource that nature gives us, but it is finite and irreplaceable, so it is essential to preserve it in an essential way. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal # 6 (SDG6): guarantee water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Water, essential to combat the covid pandemic.

International Day of Forests, 21 March

The loss of forests and their degradation originate large amounts of gases, responsible for global warming. Restoring forests in a sustainable way allows addressing both the crisis of climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Our planet could have been called “Water” instead of Earth because of the immense amount of the vital liquid it houses …  how, being three quarters of the surface of our planet … there is no drinking water for everyone?

It is necessary to be very clear about the difference between these three phenomena on Earth, although they are so closely related to each other that it is almost impossible to talk about one of them without mentioning the other two 

At first glance the concern about air pollution, smog or pollution in cities, has been relegated to the background by universal and more alarming issues, which monopolize more centimeter in … the media

Not much is said about permafrost, despite its enormous size and importance. To give you an idea, these ice-free frozen regions occupy a quarter of the Earth’s soils

The humankind has always had a special concern to know what fate holds for it. The popular and universal horoscopes, tarot cards, the deck, the crystal ball or palmistry, are the best

Every year vegetation fires occupy more centimeters in the media. And is not for less. Along with greenhouse gas emissions and species extinction, wildfires

When the first railroads began to roar in the United States, many landowners questioned the feasibility of the novel means of transportation and bet on its failure 

The world celebrated on December 31, like so many other times, the end of a year and this time the end of a decade. The joy for the arrival of 2020, a kind of magic figure … would soon fade

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Magazine about the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon contains the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with about 80 thousand kinds of trees, 140 thousand species of plants and a great diversity of fauna. A fragile ecosystem formed in millions of years, which is in danger and may disappear in half a century.

Magazine about the Climate Change

The anthropogenic climate change is the variation in the state of the climate attributed to human activity that alters the composition of the atmosphere… The main cause of climate change is global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions

Magazine about the Wind Power

The wind power process is carried out by means of a wind turbine, a device that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, through a propeller, and into electrical energy, clean and renewable, in stright line with the fight against climate change.

Magazine about the Fracking

The fracking is an unconventional method of oil and gas extraction that requires vertical and horizontal drilling at great depths. Fracking is a highly questioned technology since it prolongs the use of fossil hydrocarbons and requires a large amount of water.

Magazín about the Electric Cars

An electric car is a vehicle powered by a motor that uses electrical energy stored in a rechargeable battery. On the outside it is almost the same as the conventional car, only lacking an exhaust pipe. It is silent, smoke-free and does not produce greenhouse gas emissions and is ideal for the fight against climate change.

Magazine about the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is the name that some scientists have proposed to indicate a new geological era, characterized by the great modifications to the planet made by humans. Although the Anthropocene or “Age of Humans” the concept circulates in books and thousands of media.

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Brief History of the COPs ©

Origins of the Paris Agreement and the half century of waiting

First Earth Summit

Stokholm 1972

The Stockholm Declaration,
in way to the half century

Between 5 and 16 June 1972, on the initiative of Sweden, the “First Earth Summit” was held, together with the UN, also known as the “United Nations Conference on the Human Environment”. At this meeting the “Declaration of Stockholm” was emitted, comparable with the Declaration of Human Rights,

Second Earth Summit

Rio 1992

Summary and conclusions
of the Rio Summit 92

The Rio Summit was a fundamental meeting, more important than most people think. In Río de Janeiro set the foundations for the fight against climate change and face the threats that loom over life on Earth, with a view to the 21st century. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established in Rio

The Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto 1997

The Kyoto Protocol,
the great missed opportunity

Finally, we arrived at the long-awaited COP 15, meeting in which there was an immense hope. It was thought that the Danish capital would be given the privilege of giving good news to the world by announcing a new protocol for the reduction of GHG emissions: “the conclusion of a legally binding climate agreement