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Our planet, Earth, is a planet of water and for this reason it is the essential source of life, without it nothing exists. Our oceans represent close to 70% of the planet, produce at least 50% of its oxygen and are the habitat of most of the planet’s biodiversity, which is why they provide sustenance for all the species that live here. The oceans are vital to contain global warming and its effects on climate change, since they absorb around 30% of the carbon dioxide that humans produce. Leer +

This June 5th marks the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day, with the theme “Beat plastic pollution” and promoting the search for solutions to this problem.. (,,,) This year it is up to the Côte d’Ivoire to be the host country and in collaboration with the Netherlands organizes the program of activities for its celebration. . Leer +

The instantaneous speed of cybernetic “thought” is not comparable to anything or anyone. We have read that robots win almost every trial they participate in. That there is practically no chess match that a machine loses. That with AI you can write a novel in minutes. It is even now possible to copy the appearance and voice of a person without his own mother being able to distinguish which of the two is her son. Read+

Two headlines published this year, which speak for themselves:
1. “2023-2027 will probably be the hottest five-year period on record”.
2. “Exxon posts record $56bn profit for 2022 in historic high for western oil industry”.
The first refers to “will be the warmest five-year period ever recorded, the United Nations warned as greenhouse gases and El Nino combine to send temperatures soaring. Read+

Here we deal with the issues in detail

FAQs on key topics

Soil. Deforestation and degradation of the Amazon

They are shaping up to be the biggest climate change threats on Earth, as there is no transition plan in place.

The deforestation of the Amazon is pushing the Amazonian ecosystem to a point of transformation of no return in which the forest would lose its ability to function.

There is no such thing as “net-zero-deforestation”, or a “logging moratorium” or “fight against deforestation”. As if there is for greenhouse gas emissions. If no action is taken, the massive removal of trees will continue unchecked. Due to the size of the jungle, it is a growing threat to life on Earth.

Topics related to the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon is home to the largest tropical forest in the world, with an area of almost 7 million km2, in whose territory Spain would fit almost twelve times. It has the Amazon River, the largest and longest on the planet. The Amazon contains the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with nearly 80,000 kinds of trees, 140,000 species of plants and a great diversity of fauna, in a unique, complex and fragile ecosystem formed over millions of years. Read +

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Our usual topics

The Climate Change

Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change and their relationships 
It is necessary to be very clear about the difference between these three phenomena on Earth, although they are so closely related to each other that it is almost impossible to talk about one of them without mentioning the other two…

Climate change, what is it and what are its causes? 
* 1-2-3 climate change in few words * Three inseparable phenomena: global warming, greenhouse effect and climate change * How to avoid climate change (video) * At what level of the atmosphere does the greenhouse effect occur? * Human causes of global warming…

Global Warming

PPM-CO2 the carbon letters that write our future 
Humanity has always had a special concern to know what destiny holds. The popular and universal horoscopes, the tarot cards, the deck of cards, the crystal ball or the palmistry, are the best evidence of this human need. The Greeks used to go to the oracle of Delphi, a sanctuary dedicated to the God Apollo, to request an answer…

Natural global warming, key factor of life on Earth 
* How natural global warming works * Anthropogenic warming * Fourier saw it clear in 1824 * The biosphere, a thin layer that contains all the life of our planet * Causes of global warming * 10 major emitters of CO2 * Have we reached the Anthropocene? Increase in temperature…


Six weeks ago winter ended, and it already seems like summer
When we open our eyes this morning (May 07, 2023) we find ourselves with two news items in full swing. “Canada evacuates 25,000 people due to forest fires”. Vietnam records the highest temperature in history”. Two countries, two latitudes, two climates, but only one cause. Read +

Origin, importance and degradation of soils 
* Origin and importance of soils * Degradation * How are volcanoes formed? * The substrate and the success of life on Earth * The substrate explained without words * Life arises anywhere on Earth * The soil is alive * Soil diversity * Causes of pollution…


The Anthropocene 
The Anthropocene is the name that some scientists have proposed to indicate a new geological era, characterized by the great modifications to the planet made by humans. These activities have begun to cause noticeable biological and geophysical changes on Earth…

Wind Power

Wind Power: clean, renewable and natural

* The wind turbine, the heart of the wind system * The parts of a wind turbine * This is how it produces electricity * Aeolus, god of the winds * Wind farms * Incredible! How to transport a blade: not as small, not as light as it seems * Video: traffic accident with a wind turbine. >…


Fracking fever, a real threat to Paris Agreement
The failure of the Paris Agreement would be the failure of Homo sapiens. If we do not reverse the increase in global warming and we do not support sustainability on our planet, we will all be losers. There are clear indications that we are going in a opposite direction. >…


Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing

* Why fracking is not an option (video). * The dangers of fracking * Products obtained * A cloak of mystery about chemicals * A day in Vaca Muerta, a camp in Argentina. We show you the secrets of fracking that very few know. >…

Amazon rainforests

Why does the lung of the world burn?
It is no little that is at stake in the Amazon rainforest. The lung of the world should not be a token in a casino roulette. This biodiversity emporium is about 7 million km2, it is 12 times the size of Spain, it has 80,000 kinds of trees, 140,000 species of plants, 20% of the world’s species…

Amazon, the largest and most exuberant rainforest on the planet
* The Amazon and the extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere * The jungle in figures * The 9 countries that share it * Destruction in numbers * The Amazon river key to the jungle * The quantified river * The 12 dangers that loom over the Amazon…


The ABC of Wildfires: Australia, Brazil, and California

It is no little that is at stake in the Amazon rainforest. The lung of the world should not be a token in a casino roulette. This biodiversity emporium is about 7 million km2, it is 12 times the size of Spain, it has 80,000 kinds of trees, 140,000 species of plants, 20% of the world’s species…

Australia: A mirror for the world?
Could Australia be the first area of the planet with a climate change concluded?
Not only are the mega fires out of control, which with their violent flames devastate everything they find in their path. Now other phenomena join the fires, increasing the anguish and misfortune of its poor inhabitants, animals and vegetation.