Planet water without water

Our planet could have been called “Water” instead of Earth, because of the immense amount of the vital liquid that it houses. For something is blue and not ocher, although the atmosphere also helps paint that wonderful tone, envy of the other planets of the Solar System, not to mention the exuberant and varied life that has developed on Earth…

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The largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet and the threat of drought

The Amazon River and its thousand tributaries make up the largest and most powerful watershed on the planet. Thanks to this enormous expanse of waters, wetlands and marshes, the Amazon rainforest, called the lung of the world, was developed over millions of years…



Single-use plastic at amazing levels of contamination

Today Earth Day is celebrated, as it has been done every April 22, since 1970. This year the theme that has been chosen is that of contamination with plastics due to concern about the subject. Plastic pollution is the accumulation of products of this material in the environment, which negatively affects the lives of almost all species, including ours. The worst is that the largest proportion of accumulations come from single-use plastics, commonly called disposable. The magnitude and extent of the damage that pollution through bags, bottles and containers has caused and is causing to marine and terrestrial habitats is not small. In this short article we will talk a little about the history of plastic and after that serious pollution.
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World Water Day. “Leaving no one behind. Water for all”

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