Bonn Climate Change Conference 2019

Bonn Conference on Climate Change SB50
17-27 June, 2019

Transparency to show greater climate ambition for 2020

Transparency will be the focus of attention this year. It look for to show confidence in the developing and developed countries on their commitments to increase action and climate ambition by 2020, as well as the commitments agreed in the Paris Agreement, which should be applied from the moment it enters into force. . In these transparency events, several countries will present their activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before 2020. ”

The work on transparency in the Bonn climate talks will include the Multilateral Evaluation of developed countries and the exchange of views of developing countries, showing the successes and challenges of countries to increase action and climate ambition, with the opportunity to learn from the experiences among them.

The main points are increase the “ambition” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate actions for greater “resilience” and guarantee a “climate policy” based on the best of science and knowledge available nowadays.