The title of this article is the name of a campaign I’m currently working on the social network Twitter, using paragraphs of 140 characters accompanied  images that highlight how privileged our planet is, emphasizing its geo-variety and the neat diversity of life that preserved in its air, soil and water. We should all know how special our habitat is if we compare it to those of the other known celestial bodies, but many times, caught between the four walls of our cities or even the four wall containing our personal lives, we’re unable to see and become aware of what it really means live in this favored blue dot in the universe that we ended up calling Earth, in which we travel, full speed ahead while it combines four different and simultaneous movements.

Acknowledge-Cherish-Care is the key triad of the messages for the twitter users. I think in that order we must approach our planet to realize how wonderful it is, gain awareness on what we could be losing and finally do whatever we have at our reach to preserve its geography and biodiversity. Fortunately the message has reached the eyes and hearts of many people, because without being a political leader, a notable artist or outstanding sportsman, the account now has surpassed 2400 followers in just four months. If we consider that this is not the most popular of subjects, to say the least. So this tribute to our precious Earth has been echoed even in the most distant latitudes, especially among Hispano-Americans and Anglo-Saxons.

Having chosen this matter originates in my concern for the ecological, as I stated in my previous articles published in the web between 2009 and 2011, that I saw convenient to suspend to move on to another level as it is fiction writing. Since I’m back to the ecological, I’d like to begin by saying that unless heroic measures taken, the climate change and its consequences are going to pounce upon us generating situations beyond human belief, unknown to mankind up to this date. Despite the severity of the issue, it doesn’t really seem to attract the attention of those who have the power to change things, but it seems to be completely ignored by the common citizen as well. Governments, up to this point, have justified the lack of attention paid to the subject with excuses such as the never-ending financial crisis, the emergent condition of the country they preside, their social conflicts, their wars against other nations or the civil wars occupying their fellow countrymen. The common people of almost all the world, especially young people, is absorbed in his inner world plagued by financial problems, lack of opportunities and existential anguish that is mostly fuelled by the lack of credibility in their personal future.

Being this the state of things, we find ourselves facing an authentic climate Babel tower, term that I’ve already used in an article published three years ago. That biblical explanation of the origin of languages is presenting itself again on the twenty first century, but now, instead of preventing men and women from freely entering into paradise by themselves, the lack of understanding can lead to a global catastrophe with extremely harsh consequences, like the extinction of species, Homo sapiens included. In this climate Babel tower, built by the differences on the subject that come from the diversity of opinions, points of views, beliefs, ignorance and silences of the people in denial, skeptics, uninformed and indifferent people. All of this is made worse because of the “ostrichism”, a term I like to use to say bearing one’s head in the sand to evade problems. With the countless sources of distraction and entertainment available nowadays, always increasing because of the advances in technology, personal problems are evaded, but what really hides beneath this world of amusement are the dangers threatening Earth and life on it.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss