Water for Peace

To celebrate World Water Day 2024 , the United Nations has chosen “Water for Peace” as its motto.

Water is a fundamental human right, without water life on our planet Earth is impossible. For this reason, unequal access for populations causes tensions, confrontations and conflicts between the communities and countries most affected by its lack or scarcity. With international agreements to share water resources in only 24 countries, more than 3 billion people depend on waters that cross the borders of various countries.

The combination of the incessant growth of the world population and the increasingly extreme effects of climate change impose the need to protect water together, conserving the most precious resource for life.

Public health depends on populations having drinking water. Food and energy production programs, maintaining the economic productivity of communities and the integrity of ecosystems and the environment, require a stable and equitable water cycle for all.

Cooperating on water creates harmony, generates prosperity and promotes resilience in the face of the challenges of coexistence.

“Water for Peace” represents that countries and all people must act by cooperating in the equitable management of water, to mitigate climate change, manage massive population migrations and the instability that this entails.

From SGK-PLANET we invite you to cooperate in the rational and equitable use of water, vital for the subsistence of everyone on the planet.

Aixa Chacin
Director of SGK-PLANET

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