Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week 2019

Between August 19 and 23, 2019, the Federal Government of Brazil hosts the Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week 2019 (LACCW) acronym in English. It is being organized by the City of Salvador de Bahia, and will be held in the spaces of the Salvador Hall event center, and they have wanted to call “City of Climate” to encourage the participation of the region in the framework of the “Climate Emergency” .

It is sought that there are more and more countries and cities that declare a state of emergency, which will lead to urgently take actions to control the planet’s temperature increase by 2030 to 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels.

Among the organizers that accompany the city of Salvador de Bahia is the UN Climate Change, as well as several international and regional organizations. The main purpose of the people leading the event is to increase the “climate ambition”, to achieve the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“I commit myself, and the entire United Nations, to this effort. We will support all leaders who rise to the challenge I have outlined today.” Antonio Guterres

The results obtained during the meetings scheduled in the event agenda will be included as part of the results of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, organized by Secretary General António Guterres on September 23 in New York.


United Nations Climate Change. Retrieve from

United Nations. Retrieve from

Salvador Hall host of the Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week 2019

Salvador Hall Events Center Map

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Salvador Hall Event Center Plan


2019 Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week Agenda

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