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Wind Power: clean, renewable and natural

Wind energy is clean, renewable and natural, so it goes in the direction of the Paris Agreement and the fight against global warming and climate change. Wind power, solar energy and lithium batteries from electric cars are the main weapons available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop global warming and climate change.

  • ONE: Wind energy is the way to obtain an effect from the wind and transform it into electrical energy, clean and renewable, in line with the fight against global warming and climate change.

  • TWO: The process is carried out by means of a wind turbine, an artifact that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, through a propeller, and into electrical energy, through an alternator.

  • THREE: From a solitary mill or part of a terrestrial or maritime wind farm, the energy goes to the electrical networks. In this way each country has the opportunity to achieve its energy autonomy.

By the beginning of 2015, the installed capacity of wind energy in the world was close to 370 GW, which represented 5% of the world’s electricity consumption. Already at that time more than 80 countries used it. Denmark generates more than 25% of its electricity needs with wind energy. In Spain, in 2014, wind energy contributed with about 20% of electricity consumption.


The wind turbine, heart of the wind system

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The parts of a wind turbine

  1. Blades: Each of blades measured between 20 and 100 m. and its design is similar to wing of an airplane.
  2. Rotor: The blades capture the wind and transmit their power to the rotor or bushing.
  3. Multiplier: Allows the high speed shaft to rotate 50 times faster than the low speed axis.
  4. Generator: The fast shaft rotates at 1,500 rpm. Allows the operation of the electric generator.
  5. Nacelle: It is the container of the components of the wind turbine. The blades are attached to the nose
  6. Weather vane + anemometer: Determine the wind speed and help guide the generator vanes
  7. Tower: It is the pole or support. It has between 40 and 200 m.
  8. Cables: They are responsible for transporting the generated electric current

This is how a wind turbine produces electricity


What does the aerogenerator do?

Aeolus the god of the winds

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From Greek mythology:

“He tried to help Odysseus, who visited him when he returned to Ithaca. Eolo treated him very well and gave him a favorable wind, in addition to a bag that contained all the winds and that had to be used with care. However, Odysseus’ crew believed that the bag contained gold and opened it, causing severe storms. The ship returned to the shores of Eolia, but Eolo refused to help them again “


With the wind in our favor in the past, present and future

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What is Wind? & How is wind formed?

* Renewable

* Economical

* Inexhaustible

* It does not pollute

* Avoid global warming

* Reduces the use of fossil fuels

* Reduces energy imports

* Generates wealth and local employment

* Contributes to sustainable development

* It can generate electricity in remote villages

Wind Power: capacity and growth by country

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Source:  REN21

Wind Power

The most powerful wind turbine in the world

Wind farms


A wind farm


A marine wind farm

Wind power, economic, sustainable and inexhaustible




Source: Lodosa INFO
Source: Universidad Anáhuac

Wind Power – Capacity and global growth 2005 – 2015

Source:  REN21

Neither so small nor as light as they seem


How the blade of a wind turbine is transported

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How a wind turbine is transported

Traffic accident with wind turbine

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Inside a wind power generator

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Inside a wind turbine

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Installation of wind farm turbines

How Wind Turbines Farm is Constructed
OES Zephyr

Offshore Wind Farm Installation
Quantum Tech

Repair of wind turbines

Assembly and fix of wind turbines

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Aerial wind turbine

Source: Altaeros Energy

The designers of Airbone Wind Turbine are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, two prestigious institutions. © Alteros Energies

El aerogenerador tiene 11 metros de envergadura. El globo se infla con helio, un gas mucho más ligero que el aire y no inflamable, a diferencia de hidrógeno. Durante el ensayo llevado a cabo hace 2 años, se alcanzó los 107 metros de altura, pero sus diseñadores han conseguido que llegue a los 300 metros, afirmando que a esa altura produce dos veces más corriente que una turbina eólica convencional.  (texto:

Clean energies against fossil fuels

There is a glimpse of a conflict between supporters of fossil fuels and those who fight against climate change. A stellar collision between the deniers and those who believe in global warming and its foreseeable damage