How to turn 2020 into the Golden Decade

COVID-19, climate change and economic recession: three crises that we can beat. The new coronavirus landed in our existence in an unexpected way, ripping lives, overturning plans, disrupting businesses, evaporating jobs, and vanishing dreams. COVID-19 has not yet been defeated and we cannot know if there will be a rebound before obtaining a vaccine. In [...]

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COVID-19 and Climate Change

The imponderables The world celebrated December 31, like so many other times, the end of a year and this time that of a decade. The joy for the arrival of 2020, a kind of magical figure, beautiful, round number, easy to read and pronounce, would soon fade away. At the time there was no idea [...]

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Australia: A mirror for the world?

Could Australia be the first area of the planet with a climate change concluded? Not only are the mega fires out of control, which with their violent flames devastate everything they find in their path. Now other phenomena join the fires, increasing the anguish and misfortune of its poor inhabitants, animals and vegetation. As if [...]

Summary and Conclusions of COP25 Chile-Madrid 2019

COP25 started with an unprecedented situation and ended the same way. A triple jump like that of Brazil -Chile-Spain we had never seen. The Carioca country refused to host by claiming "fiscal and budgetary restrictions." The second jump touched in the southern nation, which worked almost a year but could not crown due to the [...]

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The Green Climate Fund, a mechanism against climate change

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), was created to finance projects, programs, policies and other preventive activities or consequences of the effects of climate change, to support developing countries. Its official headquarters is in Incheon, South Korea. The GCF has been devised as the main long-term financial instrument under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate [...]

The carbon footprint, what it is and how it is measured

Definition of carbon footprint The carbon footprint is the impact that human activity leaves on the environment, that is, the mark that originates a person, product or organization on the planet as a result of their daily actions, totalized according to parameters of carbon dioxide emissions ( CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG) released into [...]

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You will not kill a tree

A couple of nights ago I was watching with my wife one of these homes improving and decoration series. I was half sleepy when suddenly I was startled to see a big lot full of logs. Obviously, it was not the first time I saw something like that. The difference was the size of the [...]

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