Could Australia be the first area of the planet with a climate change concluded?

Not only are the mega fires out of control, which with their violent flames devastate everything they find in their path. Now other phenomena join the fires, increasing the anguish and misfortune of its poor inhabitants, animals and vegetation.

As if Australians are not enough to fight with fires, they have to suffer other phenomena, like hail a few days ago, which was shown with pieces of ice the size of golf balls or chicken eggs. We saw in the videos the amount of frozen material that precipitated forcefully, impacting cars, buildings and trees. They looked like missiles breaking windshields, breaking roofs of Plexiglas and breaking off huge branches like cardboard. The shock of the people was notorious, due to the surprising and infrequent, as they said.

But it wasn’t just this. On the same day of the hail, a high and wide orange mountain appeared on the horizon, which in the distance seemed motionless. But none of this. What was it about? As he approached, he appreciated nothing less than a threatening sandstorm that with its dark shadow, such as a solar eclipse, advanced the night to thousands and thousands of houses that he found on his way. It was impressive to watch it on video, but the horrible experience for a family inside one of those homes attacked by nature was unimaginable.

But there is still more: simultaneously, hurricane winds of considerable force appeared, as could be seen in the images that arrived. In previous days we could also see unusual tornadoes of fire that spread their sparks and their terrifying sounds everywhere.

The smoke, dense and infinite, rose to the limits where the planes fly, and then began to globalize, reaching as far away as the South American cone. The phenomenon seemed to support the hypothesis that we have spoken so many times in our articles about Borneo, referring to the recurrent fires of Chile, which in part have their origin in the hostile deforestation of the third largest island in the world, 10 thousand kilometers from distance. There is also the theory that Australian fires are linked with Borneo.

The scenes viewed seem to be taken from a film of the apocalyptic genre. But it is not fiction. Australia is under a real catastrophe situation that does not seem to diminish and is far from over. How will Australia look after all this? Will the chaos continue this year? And next year? How long more? Is it possible that in a few years Oceania will become a sterile, uninhabited continent? Could a massive migration of its inhabitants occur? These are questions that remain unanswered.

The Amazon is deforesting since the 1950s, with different intensities throughout these 70 years. But the 2019 figures indicate that hostile deforestation has begun in the great rainforest, the lung of the world, whose rain irrigates its own forests, but also to the imposing Andean mountain range, in addition to the Argentine pampas.

If the eternal fires of Borneo have had that enormous radius of influence, as we have seen, imagine what could happen in South America, with its Amazon nine times larger than Borneo. A disaster that humanity at all costs must avoid.

Australia is a test field that allows us to observe live and direct how the consequences of extreme global warming and climate change are. Australia is a mirror in which it is mandatory to look, a mirror of humanity, but especially that of those who have power in their hands, those who can change things, those who run the world, such as politicians, governments, businessmen, teachers, but also ordinary people. If the leaders do not do what they have to do, they must go in the next elections. It is not a small thing that is at stake. But we can win. It is mandatory to win.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss