What are hurricanes and how do they relate to global warming

There is no evidence on the relationship between hurricanes and global warming, but there are some suspicions based on certain facts

There are mixed views on the relationship between global warming and hurricanes. So far, no evidence has been found to support this relationship. Whenever there is an extraordinary phenomenon that is supposed to be related to climate change, a precedent occurs, often 50, 100 or more years ago…

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Magazine All about Hurricanes

Hurricanes, winds that cause great damage

In the most of cases, a hurricane originates in the tropics and from there it begins to expand its diameter and speed. These cyclones begin when a series of electrical storms move over warm waters. The hot air combines with the heat from the surface of the ocean and begins to rise, which produces a low pressure on the sea surface. Over time a tropical depression can turn into a tropical storm and finally in a hurricane.

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