What we know about the El Niño phenomenon 2023-2024

Includes recommendations to minimize in advance the effects of the El Niño phenomenon Scientists estimate that the 2023-2024 El Niño, exacerbated by the climate crisis, will likely raise global temperatures to new records in 2024. The most recent of these events was El Niño 2015-2016. After seven years of pause, it is among us again, [...]

The contradictions of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The instantaneous speed of cybernetic “thought” is not comparable to anything or anyone. We have read that robots win almost every trial they participate in. That there is practically no chess match that a machine loses. That with AI you can write a novel in minutes. That it is relatively easy with AI to copy [...]

World Environment Day, environmental facts and curiosities

Beat Air Polution World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, dedicated this year to the fight against air pollution with the moto “Beat Air pollution”. Established by the UN in 1972, during the Stockholm Conference, whose central theme was the normalization of human relations with the environment. China will be the global host of [...]

How we reach the Climate Emergency

On May 1, 2019 England declared the "Climate Emergency". It was the first country to do so. The threat that looms over life on our planet and the pressure of environmental groups made it take this big step. With the Climate Emergency Great Britain set name and last name to gravity. It is the object [...]

Donald Trump’s opinion on climate change: “I don’t believe it”

At a time when deniers or skeptics of climate change are diminishing and losing their influence in the world, President Donald Trump emerges on the horizon as the number one denial of global warming, climate change and other disturbances in the Earth System, attributed to humans for science. This is very serious because Mr. Trump [...]

The Green Climate Fund, a mechanism against climate change

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), was created to finance projects, programs, policies and other preventive activities or consequences of the effects of climate change, to support developing countries. Its official headquarters is in Incheon, South Korea. The GCF has been devised as the main long-term financial instrument under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate [...]

Traces of the Anthropocene

Two and a half million years ago the Homo habilis, sitting on the wooden log of a tree fallen in the Olduvai gorge, Tanzania, Africa, did not take his eyes off something that with his clumsy hands he was handling. They were a pair of pebbles and with them, based on trial and error, managed [...]

What are hurricanes and how do they relate to global warming

There is no evidence on the relationship between hurricanes and global warming, but there are some suspicions based on certain facts There are mixed views on the relationship between global warming and hurricanes. So far, no evidence has been found to support this relationship. Whenever there is an extraordinary phenomenon that is supposed [...]

When the end of the world is not fiction

Revised March-September 2011 Japan is in its worst tragedy since the end of World War II. What is happening to the generous and industrious Japanese people exceeds the fertile creative minds of the most unlikely and amazing movies or science fiction novels. The catastrophe that is in full development was impossible to predict [...]

The bubble of population

While most of humanity celebrated the advent of the third millennium, very few co-habitants of this privileged blue planet realized that world population had doubled twice since almost the same date one hundred years back. At the begining of the 1900’s, world population was of 1,6 billion human beings, but that ammount rose, despite two [...]

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