FAQs about Wildfires

1. What is a wildfire, and which are the most affected countries?

A wildfire is a fire that spreads in an uncontrolled way through plains, mountains, steppes, grasslands, or any area provided with vegetal cover such as woodlands, rain forests, shrubs, bushes, etc. Generally, these fires cause serious environmental damage with the destruction of hundreds of habitats, loss of human life, animals, and property.

A mega forest fire is characterized by its great extension, speed, enormous destructive capacity, unexpected changes of direction and its ability to overcome roads, waterways and even firebreaks built precisely to prevent its spread. In its fast race, a mega forest fire can attack towns and cities, cause great calamities to its inhabitants, as well as spread smoke to distant areas, which in extreme cases has even gone around the planet.

The 15 countries or regions most likely to have wildfires

These territories are characterized by large fires that are repeated cyclically every year, and in some cases the fire lasts almost the entire period, such as in the Amazon and Borneo rain forests. To establish the countries or regions with the greatest fires, various criteria are used: extent burned, number of trees destroyed, human victims, damage to buildings, duration of the incident, number of effective participants in its extinction, etc. To avoid any of these classifications, we have constructed a list of fifteen countries or regions in alphabetical order.

Arctic, Australia, Brazil, China, California, Canada, Chile, Spain, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Republic of the Congo, Siberia, South Africa.

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The ABC of Wildfires: Australia, Brazil, and California

Every year vegetation fires occupy more inches in the media. And is not for less. Along with greenhouse gas emissions and the extinction of species, forest fires have for decades become one of the great threats to the Earth’s climate system and therefore to the life that develops on it.

Why does the lung of the world burn?

It is no little that is at stake in the Amazon rainforest. The lung of the world should not be a token in a casino roulette. This biodiversity emporium is about 7 million km2, it is 12 times the size of Spain, it has 80,000 kinds of trees, 140,000 species of plants, 20% of the world’s species. Keep reading… 

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