FAQs about Global Warming

1.  What is global warming and how is it different from climate change?

Global warming, the greenhouse effect and climate change are three natural phenomena that have been present on Earth for millions of years. The global warming originates by the solar rays that arrive from the space, bounce in the terrestrial surface and try to escape again to the cosmos, but a part is retained in the layers of the atmosphere. In this way the greenhouse effect is produced, a phenomenon that allows temperatures to be maintained in a fairly uniform range on Earth, thanks to which an enormous biodiversity was developed on the planet. If it were not for it the Earth would be an icy planet, with an average temperature of 18 °C below zero, probably uninhabited like most others, or at least not suitable for life as we know it.

The global warming of today refers to the increase in temperature on Earth that has been observed in recent centuries, attributed to human activities. According to some scientists, the concentration of CO2, the main greenhouse gas (GHG) present in the atmosphere, has been increasing since the beginning of the industrial revolution. From 1750 a progressive increase of the temperature of the planet began, in a slow process from the perspective of the human chronometry, but almost instantaneous in the scale of geologic times.

Climate change is a consequence of global warming and is manifested by the increased intensity of weather events, heat waves, droughts, vegetation fires, melting poles and glaciers, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, deterioration of the bar of coral, shortage of drinking water, food, etc. It is estimated that most of the increase in GHG comes from the burning of fossil fuels, while the rest corresponds to the deforestation of large areas of forests, the increase of the livestock industry, the extension of agriculture and other factors.

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