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10. What were the first climate conferences in the world?

As early as 1972, at the initiative of Sweden, the First Earth Summit was held, in conjunction with the UN, also known as the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. At that meeting, the Stockholm Declaration was produced, comparable with the Declaration of Human Rights, aimed at normalizing relations between human beings and the environment. This precursor document consists of two bodies: a “Proclamation”, with seven articulations, and a “Declaration of Principles”, with 26 paragraphs. His spirit is very beautiful and his body a compendium of good intentions, but, after almost half a century, unfortunately many of his prescriptions have not been fulfilled. It is worth reading for each one to draw their own conclusions.

The Second Earth Summit was held from June 3 to 14, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of 177 nations and 107 heads of state. It issued the Rio Declaration reaffirmation of the Stockholm Declaration, held twenty years ago. Its objective was to establish “a new and equitable global alliance by creating new levels of cooperation among States, the key sectors of societies and individuals, striving to reach international agreements in which the interests of all are respected and integrity is protected. of the environmental system and of world development, recognizing the integral and interdependent nature of the Earth, our home “.

The Rio Summit gave its approval to the transcendental United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), adopted in New York a month earlier, on May 9, 1992, which entered into force on June 21, 1992. March 1994. As the supreme organ of the UNFCCC, the COP, Conference of the Parties, was established in order to give practical meaning to its main objectives, such as the stabilization of concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The first Conference of the Parties was held in Bonn, in 1995. Since then COPs are held every year. From the Rio Summit, Agenda 21, a program for the 21st century, was created, which affirms the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which led to the Kyoto Protocol, in 1997, and subsequently to the Agreement. of Paris, in 2015.

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