When we open our eyes this morning (May 07, 2023) we find ourselves with two news items in full swing.

Canada evacuates 25,000 people due to forest fires”.

“Some 25,000 people in Canada were forced to flee their homes by 103 wildfires that broke out in the western province of Alberta, where the local government declared a state of emergency on Saturday.” D.W. (May 06, 2023)

Vietnam records the highest temperature in history”.

“The Vietnamese authorities reported this Sunday that the thermometers in the Asian country marked a temperature of 44.1 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the highest since records have been kept. The region has been experiencing a strong heat wave since Friday, the Vietnamese meteorological service said”. D.W. (May 07, 2023)

Two countries, two latitudes, two climates, but only one cause: high temperatures because of global warming.

But it is that the headlines have been happening non-stop around extreme weather events. Days before we already read:

The Earth breaks the record for CO2 emissions, the most important contributor to climate change”.

“The world has just broken the historical record since there are records of carbon dioxide emissions. CO2 dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere are currently 50% higher than pre-industrial levels”. La Sexta (April 13, 2023).

It is 423 PPM, (Parts Per Million of CO2). For those who want to have complete information on this subject, we recommend our article: “PPM-CO2 the carbon letters that write our future” in the articles section of SGK-PLANET.

Undoubtedly, progress has been made in the energy transition (solar, wind, electromobility, green hydrogen and other sustainable fuels). Which indicates that we should soon see results. But every time the indicators are updated, frustration arises once again. Well, instead of improving the numbers have been getting worse, at least until now.

But the biggest frustration comes from news like this: “The profit of the world’s largest oil company shoots up to 150,000 million, a new record. The Saudi giant Aramco earns 46% more in 2022, the best year in history for the fossil sector. Newspaper El País (Dec. 03, 2023).

And how are the benefits of the fossil sector not going to increase, if we read this headline from France24 (Nov.14, 2022): “Report from Sharm el-Sheikh: at COP27 the lobby for fossil fuels increased”. For those of you who don’t know, lobbyists are pressure groups that make efforts to delay the energy transition. In other words: opposed to the Paris Agreement, to be able to continue producing their oil.

In our recent article “Mother Earth Day 2023”, published on our environmental platform SGK-PLANET (April 22, 2023) we have written:

“Between 1972 and 2022 our planet suffered the greatest human depredation in the last ten thousand years. In barely half a century from Stockholm 1972 to last year, it can be stated that there was almost no corner of the planet that did not suffer some degradation of its air, soil and water, as a consequence of the human presence on Earth”.

Where are we going?

It is difficult to answer this question without falling into the realms of science fiction or Cli-Fi. Although it is true that this literary genre is one of our specialties, and this is not the place to expose it, it is also true that the climatic situation of the planet is not fiction but the purest and harshest reality. A reality that is based on scientific data and not on subjective opinions.

Until now, the main climatic-meteorological indicators have not improved, quite the opposite (such as the increase in global temperature, the PPM and the catastrophic phenomena that occur each year, presumably derived from climate change. We hope that this situation changes sooner the time to act is running out.

Science knows what it must do and has the tools for it. Politicians also know what they must do but most do nothing about it.

We, who have no more power than words, can only spread, spread, and spread. And pay attention to the title of an old article: “Write, that something remains”.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss