FAQs about Water Pollution and Shortage

2. Why is water important for life?

Water is the fundamental element for the life of human beings and for all living beings that inhabit the Earth. Being essential for the survival of humanity, it was declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations “the human right to water and sanitation” in July 2010.

The human body is composed of 60% water and plays a fundamental role in body functions such as: cleanses the kidneys of toxins, moisture in the mouth, eyes and body membranes, maintains body temperature, allows transport through the blood, oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, in addition to needing potable water to drink it, clean water is also essential for the hygiene and sanitation of the world’s population.

Water is essential for agriculture, livestock and industry, without it there is food shortage and hunger worldwide. Plant species that need a large amount of water to develop disappear, so without it they dry up and become extinct.

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Planet Water without water

Our planet could have been called “Water” instead of Earth, because of the immense amount of the vital liquid that it houses. For something is blue and not ocher, although the atmosphere also helps paint that wonderful tone…

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