FAQs about Water Pollution and Shortage

7. What should be done to keep the waters clean?

According to UNICEF recommendations:

Families that have an abundant supply of clean water and know how to avoid getting contaminated with germs suffer fewer diseases. If the water is not clean, it can be purified by boiling or filtering.

Among the sources of clean water are well-built and preserved pipe supply systems, tube wells, protected dug wells and fountains. It is possible to use water from unsafe sources, such as ponds, rivers, open tanks or wells, if it is boiled before using it. The water should be stored in a covered container to keep it clean.

Families and communities can protect their water supply with the following measures:

Keep the wells covered and install a water pump.

Keep feces and wastewater (especially those from latrines and household cleaning) well away from any water reserve used for cooking, drinking or washing.

Build latrines at least 15 meters from a water source and always downstream.

Keep as clean as possible the buckets, ropes and jars that are used to collect and conserve water,

keeping them in a clean place instead of leaving them on the ground.

Keep animals separated from sources of drinking water and from areas where the family lives.

Avoid the use of pesticides or chemical substances near a water source.

Families can keep clean water in the home through the following measures:

Keep drinking water in a clean and covered container.

Try not to touch the water with dirty hands.

Take the water out of the container with a clean spoon or cup.

Put a tap in the water container.

Prevent anyone from placing their hands in the container or drinking directly from it.

Keep animals away from stored water.

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