FAQS about the Climate Ambition

7. What role does climate ambition play in the energy transition?

Climate ambition is closely related to the process of energy transition, that is, the process of decarbonization or replacement of energy systems based on fossil fuels with renewable and clean energy.

In the past humanity attended several energy transitions. Energy based on the steam engine partly replaced human and animal muscular work. Sailboats were replaced by steamboats. Then the steam was replaced by the internal combustion engine and electricity. Gasoline became the most popular fuel, due to the huge oil reserves under the Earth’s soil, which contributed to lower the price of gas and gasoline. This gave rise to the multiplication of cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, airplanes, etc., all large emitters of greenhouse gases. Now humanity is preparing to undertake its most crucial and urgent energy transition: replace gasoline, gas and coal with wind, solar, geothermal, electric cars, etc.

After more than a century of proliferation of these greenhouse gas emitting devices, the CO2 in the atmosphere increased considerably, affecting the planet’s temperature and putting the entire climate system and life on Earth at risk. This is why it is so imperative to accelerate the replacement of fossil fuel-based energy with renewable energy.

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