FAQS about the Climate Ambition

2. What is climate ambition for?

Climate ambition is one of the fundamental bases of the Paris Agreement to reach the goal of limiting the global temperature to 2ºC, preferably 1.5ºC, according to recent recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), based on its pre-industrial level at year 1750.

The Paris Agreement includes a series of guidelines, through which each party must establish its level of national ambition and thus contribute to achieving the overall objective.

In practical words, ambition, within the framework of climate action, means the willingness of each of the parts of the COP to make a series of preparations to curb climate change such as emission reduction commitments and the situation of the means of implementation and financing.

The increase in ambition is supposed to cover all areas of the CRC (see question 8), with emphasis on mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

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