FAQs about COP25 Chile-Madrid 2019

1. What is COP25, where and when will it take place?

The COP25 is the twenty-fifth Conference of the Parties on climate change, sponsored by the UN, held every year since 1995. This time the meeting will be held in Madrid, because Chile had to cancel its headquarters because of the socio-political situation presented in the country. To save the summit, Spain provided the space, infrastructure and part of the organization necessary to carry out the event.

In this way, Chile and Spain, at the hands of Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile, and Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition of the Government of Spain, will work together with Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to culminate the important climate conference, prelude to the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, in 2020.

It is not the first time that a COP is shared by two countries. It happened at COP23 Fiji-Bon 2017. The German city facilitated space and organization, while Fiji presided over the climate summit. The small island state of the Pacific, located in Polynesia, is one of the most vulnerable sites facing the possible effects of climate change. On that occasion Fiji assumed the presidency of COP 23, determined to maintain the momentum of the Paris Agreement.

COP25 will be chaired by Carolina Schmidt and Chile will play its role as scheduled. Madrid will facilitate the IFEMA fairgrounds, a large space specialized in organizing large-scale varied events, adjacent to Barajas Airport, ready to receive the thousands of participants in the climate summit.

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