FAQs about COP25 Chile-Madrid 2019

3. Why the venue was changed from COP25?

As is known, COP25 was going to take place in Santiago, Chile, between December 2 and 13, 2019. With a little more than 30 days left before the inauguration date, the government decided to suspend the event due to the situation of socio-political instability that occurred in the country. Once the Chilean government’s determination was accepted, the UN formalized its cancellation.

Days later, Spain offered to hold the climate summit, which was also accepted by the UN. In this way, the transfer of the COP25 headquarters from Santiago to Madrid became effective.

Since the COP was created, a quarter of a century ago, it is the first time that an edition of it has to change its headquarters. The most important thing is that when this was decided, there were more than 30 days left to complete the complex move, which took Chile ten months to prepare. At the 8. question you will find more details about this situation.

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