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7. What are the disadvantages of an electric car?

The obstacles that could threaten the electric car is that the fast growth of the plug-in automotive fleet could affect the price of batteries due to the high demand for lithium and cobalt. As far as its production cost is concerned, the electric car is still higher than the conventional car. According to BMW President Harald Krüger, who is optimistic that the learning curve will lower costs in the short term. Its forecast is for 2020, a year that, according to him, these vehicles will be progressively cheaper until they are equated with those of internal combustion. Two of the other drawbacks are the autonomy and the insufficiency of recharging points.

The autonomy of an electric vehicle depends on the model of the car and the characteristics of the battery. With the lithium batteries it is possible to reach an autonomy close to 200 km. With some technologies that have begun to be applied, the distance between recharges can reach 300 km and up to 500 km. Batteries of more than 400 km of autonomy are expensive and the recharge time can reach about nine hours. To avoid the waiting time, in some places the discharged batteries are exchanged for those charged in advance and thus the waiting time is avoided. Regarding the charging points, the German company BMW claims to offer its customers 70,000 stations in 29 countries. On the other hand, they are planning to create a European network of fast freight on highways. But in this matter, there is still much to be done and money to invest to meet the high demand that is forecast for the coming years. On the other hand, the Chinese government recently announced that it will build recharging points for 5 million electric cars by 2020.

Another shortcoming is that countries with low-income populations will be more difficult to replace the conventional car fleet with electric vehicles, although in some parts the government offers subsidies to buy new cars. On the other hand, it is seen that electricity requirement will be huge, which, if not accompanied by the expansion of the generation of clean energy will constitute a delay in the total replacement of gasoline engines.

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