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6. What are the advantages of an electric car?

The electric car is a silent and non-polluting vehicle that uses lithium batteries, a source of energy that does not come from fossil fuels, therefore, it does not increase the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. The plug-in car contributes to sustainable development and the concept of green cities. As more electric cars are added to traffic, climate change will be mitigated. If we can replace traditional cars with electric cars we have won an important battle in favor of life on Earth. As for the maintenance of an electric car, its cost is much lower than a conventional car, beginning for the price of electric power that is cheaper than gasoline. By not having gearboxes, clutch, spark plugs, injectors, gasoline filters and many other parts and pieces, there are fewer repairs to make and the others are simpler and cheaper.

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The electric car and the thriller of the year 2020

By using clean energy instead of fossil fuel, the electric car is the most effective tool to meet the main objective of the Paris Agreement, such as limiting the increase in global warming to 2°C from its pre-industrial level. For this, the transcendental document indicates that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be reduced until they are totally eliminated. As more electric cars are added to the planet’s traffic, global warming will be mitigated…


Electromobility and the fight against climate change

By relying on the substitution of fossil fuels for clean energies, with zero emissions of greenhouse gases, the electric car is in direct line with the Paris Agreement. The silent and decarbonised car is the hope of a world without smog, noise or gases that increase disease and global warming. The great transformation of the automobile industry was reflected by a representative of…


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