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10. How will low-income countries be able to migrate towards the electric car?

The Green Climate Fund, an entity included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, created at the end of 2011 as a mechanism to help developing countries in their adaptation and mitigation needs regarding climate change. Time will tell if subsidies will be included to individuals for the exchange of traditional vehicles for electric vehicles. Currently there is an excellent example to consider, such as Norway, the most advanced country on the planet to adopt the covenants included in the Paris Agreement. The Nordic country is changing its vehicle fleet very quickly. This is because the government offers subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, as well as tax advantages such as exempting the taxes with which the sale of automobiles is taxed, which is not economical in Europe. These cars do not pay tolls and can park for free, as well as travel free of charge by ferries crossing the fjords. On the other hand, the French Minister of the Environment, Nicolás Hulot, announced that there will be assistance to low-income people who decide to get rid of their current vehicle and buy an electric one, as a contribution to the transition to clean energy. Hulot is founder and president of the “Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man”, an environmental entity created in 1990.

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