FAQs about Electric Cars

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2. How does an electric car work?

An electric car basically consists of an electric motor, a controller and a battery. When the car is turned on, the current passes from the battery to the controller, in charge of transferring the electrical energy to the motor, which transforms it into mechanical energy to move the car. The controller manages the supplying power to the motor. The variable potentiometers are connected between the accelerator and the controller and tell you how much energy to deliver according to the pressure the driver gives the accelerator. When the pedal is released the energy requirement is zero and consequently the car stops. When the accelerator is pushed all the way in, it provides the maximum output to the car.

The battery packs, mostly lithium-ion, are under the vehicle and sometimes in the trunk. They are used, in addition to delivering power to the engine, for the operation of wipers and lights and other electrical outputs inside the car. Apart from the engine and operation, almost everything else is like that of internal combustion cars, such as air conditioning, brakes, transmission systems and airbags.

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