Video Gallery COP26 Glasgow 2021

COP26 Glasgow 2021

COP26. The time is Now

Volunteer at COP26

What is COP26?

Glasgow, the city of our times

Sir David Attenborough named COP26 People’s Advocate ahead of UN climate change summit

COP26: All nations must declare a ‘climate emergency’

Global Youth Video Competition in 2021

Competition Categories 2021

Creating a clean, green world

Preserving ecological balance

Climate Change:
Stop wildfires, change transport system

Earthbeat Challenge
“Restoring balance with nature

Create your stories about what you are doing for a greener world and participate in COP26 Glasgow 2021

Theme 1:
The challenge of climate change


Theme 2:
Protecting and restoring ecosystems

Theme 3:
Protecting and restoring land

Preview to COP26 Glasgow 2021

Pre-COP26.  September 30 – October 02, Milan, Italy

The Youth Summit in Milan – September 28-30, 2021

COP26 Glasgow 2021

The countdown begins, but what IS Cop26?

Alok Sharma: Why COP26 is our best chance for a greener future

COP26: Will Glasgow conference force UK to meet climate targets?

COP26 Glasgow. How to go to the venue of Scottish Event Campus SEC

The other sections of the COP26 Glasgow 2021