FAQs about COP28 Dubai UAE 2023

6. Who will preside over COP28 and what have been the reactions to their appointment?

The designated president of COP28 is Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates and CEO of the state oil company ADNOC, the world’s seventh largest oil producer.

As we reported in response No. 4, in defense of Al Jaber , COP28 Director General Majid Al Suwaidi told Reuters: “I think he is perfectly positioned within our system. He understands the process, he knows the actors and He has political contacts…”

However, the oil company headed by Sultan Al Jaber reported that “it plans to expand its production capacity in the coming years”.

A blatant contradiction, since even the most unsuspecting knows that oil is the fossil fuel that contributes the most to the increase in global warming, exactly what the COPs have been fighting against since their creation in 1992. Therefore, a number of countries, organizations and experts expressed their disagreement about “how the head of one of these large oil companies can lead a summit to fight precisely against fossil fuels”.

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