Galería de Videos COP28 Dubái UAE 2023

COP28 Dubai UAE 2023

Welcome the world to COP28 UAE, The Emirates Climate Conference

What to Expect at COP 28

COP28: Bringing the world together

It’s Time to Unite. Act. Deliver

COP28 UAE: Join the world of #Actionism

COP28 UAE: Join the world of #Actionism

Prior to COP28

Road to COP28


Agenda of the COP28 Dubai UAE 2023

What is the global stocktake and why is it important?

COP28: Fix Climate Finance

What are Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the international climate change process?

COP28: Fast-Track the Energy Transition

Cop28: Focus on Nature, Lives, and Livelihoods

Addressing the issue of plastic waste

Women bringing clean energy to Africa

Where Does Your Path Lead?

Welcome to the COP28 Trade Pavilion

The other sections of the COP28 Dubai UAE 2023