Revised September 2011

From 7 to 18 December 2009 will be made COP15 Copenhagen Summit on climate change-tico our planet, sponsored by the UN.

It still three weeks knows that the most important decisions have been deferred in advance for next year, because there is no consensus on a legally binding treaty. The news indicated the impossibility of reaching an agreement at the summit to create a legal treaty com-promise on countries to share decreased carbon dioxide, which would replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. In return, it is seeking a politically binding agreement alla-ne the way for the next step.

It is imperative that mankind become aware that the Earth, our only home orbital, was born pregnant with life, because with its 4,600 million years old and housed beings Vivien-tes makes 4,000 million. That is, almost from its inception was destined to become a life-bearing planet, a vibrant habitat, especially friendly and hospitable which led to the surgi-ing and coexistence of a huge number and variety of living things in it.

Of those primitive microorganisms originating and countless species would leave the most fan-tásticas and dissimilar shapes, sizes, colors, and locomotion functions. Just invertebrate almost two million specimens known. Suffice vertebrate appoint mammals, birds, pe-ces, reptiles and amphibians. Then we have the kingdoms of plants, algae, ferns and viruses, all invited to the beautiful and joyful celebration of life.

The man was the last to arrive at the celebration. He burst just a few seconds ago, conta-dos scale geological timing, and so quickly has significantly altered her-mosa carpet that nature had woven patiently for millions of years, represented by the essential biodiversity for harmonious coexistence.

It applies the opportunity to remember that life is a privilege, a gift from God for many, a miracle of nature to others. Still time to educate what is happening on our wonderful blue planet, yet upholstered green everywhere, and assume that we are becoming a place on polluted and overheated, inhospitable to many species that have already succumbed and other thousands who in danger of extinction, including possible mind to self-extinction of the human species.

These challenges are enormous climate summits and its deliberations should transcend Ha-bitual rant and stop blaming political, economic, ideological or religious systems. Nothing is gained by it. Instead, everyone should focus on identifying the most pressing goals and actions and designate the different actors for compliance. Everyone should assume their share of responsi-bility and cooperation, more ambitious and bold they are.

We must stop the rhetoric and stalling tactics. They can not be postponed corrective actions to com-put what we spoiled. Perhaps in the near future events oblige enact something like a war economy and suspend production of goods and services as super-fluos made in the conflagrations and give priority to remove the dangers that allow in-figuring prominently and restore climatic conditions of the planet, at least to a state of a century ago. If we assume the challenges in its true today, tomorrow may be too late. There is no room for excuses, not even those of an economic nature, because there would be no life and economy. As simple as that.

Copenhagen is not a game … but maybe there the fate of humanity is played.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss