On June 17, the United Nations celebrates the Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, dedicated this 2020 to promote a change of attitude towards the incessant production and consumption of humanity, which in part are generating desertification and degradation of the lands on the planet.

This year the motto is “Food. Feed. Fibre”, with which it seeks to make people aware and learn to reduce their impact in terms of consumption, modifying lifestyle.

The accelerated growth of the world population produces its greatest impact on productive lands, due to the overexploitation of greater extensions of soils, deforestation, planting, and overgrazing. As well as requiring more spaces for the development of urban settlements.

Desertification is the degradation of land, in addition to the advance of existing deserts. The increasingly intense effects of climate change, which degrade soils, damage ecosystems, and biodiversity irreversibly, also have a negative influence.

The proposal is then to find solutions to stop land degradation through community participation and cooperation at all levels, efficiently planning land use with more sustainable practices.

Aíxa Chacín