FAQ about Green Hydrogen

1. Why is Green Hydrogen so important?

Green hydrogen (H2) will play a fundamental role in the coming years in the fight against climate change, especially in the decarbonization of the planet. Green H2 will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and therefore help to slow down the progressive increase in the Earth’s temperature.

Green hydrogen (H2) is obtained mainly through electrolysis, an electrochemical method by which H2 is separated from oxygen in a water molecule (H2O) to obtain free H2. During the electrolysis process, no greenhouse gases are released, only water vapor. The electricity necessary for the operation of the electrolyzers is generated by renewable sources such as solar energy, wind energy or hydraulic energy.

For all this, the green H2 is a completely clean, efficient, inexhaustible and 100% sustainable fuel.

Other sections of Green Hydrogen

The purpose of this report is to update the reader about the present and future of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is more efficient and cleaner burning, so it is renewable energy and does not harm the environment.

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