FAQ about Green Hydrogen

9. What is an electrolyzer and what is its relationship to Green Hydrogen?

An electrolyzer is a device used to separate oxygen and hydrogen molecules (H2) from a water molecule (H2O). An electrolyzer has at least one pair of conductive electrodes that generate an electrical current to cause an electrochemical reaction. H2 and oxygen are obtained as the final product.

The Spanish company Iberdrola signed an agreement with the Norwegian company Nel, “the largest manufacturer of electrolyzers in the world, to develop large electrolyzers and promote the creation of a chain of suppliers of this technology in Spain.” The Iberian company “has established, together with the Basque company Ingeteam, the Iberlyzer company, which will become the first manufacturer of large-scale electrolyzers in Spain.”

He also said that “in 2021 the first MW will already be installed in Spain, which will be expanded with initiatives from other countries. At the same time, the company will lead the development of a value chain to support the implementation of new electrolyzer manufacturers and will promote alliances with other industrial groups”.

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The purpose of this report is to update the reader about the present and future of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is more efficient and cleaner burning, so it is renewable energy and does not harm the environment.

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