FAQs about COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh 2022


4. Why is COP 27 being held in Africa?

From November 7 to 18, COP27 is held in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, located on the Sinai Peninsula, in Northeast Africa. The choices of the venues for the COPs are made by the UN.

COP27 is expected to advance the global climate talks, mobilize action and offer an important opportunity to examine the consequences of climate change in Africa, according to the UN page , which refers to Africa in a report published by the World Meteorological Organization and its partners:

“The State of the Climate in Africa 2020 warned of the disproportionate vulnerability of the continent, estimating that by 2030, up to 118 million extremely poor Africans will be exposed to droughts, floods, and extreme heat. All of this, in turn, will affect progress towards poverty mitigation and economic growth, leaving more people in widespread and entrenched poverty.”

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