FAQs about COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh 2022


7. What were the conclusions of COP26, Glasgow 2021?

Despite not reaching important agreements at COP26, it must be recognized that during the extension day (11-13-2021), all 197 parties reached an agreement called the “Glasgow Climate Pact”, the main contribution of the summit and it is the guideline for the full application of the Paris Agreement. It is a document that consists of 71 rules, grouped into 8 parts:

I. Science and urgency

II. Adaptation

III. Adaptation financing

IV. Mitigation

V. Finance, technology transfer and capacity building for mitigation and adaptation

VI. Loss and damage

VII. Implementation

VIII. Collaboration.

The Glasgow Climate Pact was defined by the UN as “an historic pact… which for the first time makes a direct reference to ending dependence on fossil fuels.”

The document indicates that each signatory country must present its national goals and actions to reduce emissions, as well as a review of its objectives in 2022. It was signed by the 197 parties to COP26. See Summary and conclusions of the COP26 Glasgow 2021.

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