FAQs about Climate Emergency

4. Who is Greta Thunberg?

When Greta Thunberg made her speech during the COP24, Katowice, December 2018, there was still a month to go until her 16th birthday. A 15-year-old activist? Yes, a fifteen-year-old teen who is not afraid to speak to any audience. Without blushing loose in the face of public the hardest truths about the weather. From that moment the world looked amazed at the brave Swedish teenager, who suffers from the Asperger syndrome. Since then, Greta has become the world’s most powerful influence on climate change.

But not only managed to mobilize young people, but the circumspect British parliament. On May 1, 2019, in the House of Commons, addressed the deputies in a tone of professor who teaches, scolds and sends homework to their students. And they did the task, because only a week had passed since his speech, when the Labor MPs approved the declaration of the “Climate Emergency” in Great Britain.

From August of that same year, Greta Thunberg had begun to make some sittings in Stockholm, in front of the Swedish Parliament, stopping attending since then to classes every Friday. Inspired by it, the FFF movement was born, “Friday For Future”, or which has become global and has not stopped growing. Then he spoke the COP in Katowice, the Sweden Parliament, the European Parliament, the British Parliament, the World Economic Forum in Davos, “which brings together the principal leaders of international organizations, leaders of several countries, business leaders and people of reputed prestige worldwide “.

Greta has more than a dozen videos on YouTube and is a crowd leader. His daring and irreverent rhetoric has enchanted hundreds of thousands of young people. In the Piazza of Popolo, Roma, she gathered a human multitude that celebrated her as a rock star. No doubt, she is a media girl that needed to move and massify the climate issue.

Among dozens of his phrases include:

“I do not want you to be afraid, I want you to panic.” (in the Davos Forum)

“We are doing a school strike because we have done our homework, some say we are hope, that we are going to save the world, but it is not true, we will not do it, there is no time to wait for us to grow up.”

“When many politicians talk about the school strike, they refer to anything except climate, many say we are lazy and we must go back to school, invent conspiracies and claim that we are puppets that we do not think for ourselves. They want to change the subject; they do not want to talk about the weather. ”

“We have started to clean up your disaster, and we will not stop until we finish”.

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How we reach the climate emergency

On May 1, 2019 England declared the “Climate Emergency”. It was the first country to do so. The threat that looms over life on our planet and the pressure of environmental groups made it take this big step.

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