Our planet, Earth, is a planet of water and for this reason it is the essential source of life, without it nothing exists.

The theme for World Oceans Day 2023 is “Ocean planet: tides are changing” as part of the activities of the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences 2021-2030.

Our oceans represent close to 70% of the planet, produce at least 50% of its oxygen and are the habitat of most of the planet’s biodiversity, which is why they provide sustenance for all the species that live here. The oceans are vital to contain global warming and its effects on climate change, since they absorb around 30% of the carbon dioxide that humans produce.

Being the oceans the largest source of protein for a population of more than one billion people worldwide, it represents a key element of the economy. It is considered that it will be a source of work for more than 40 million people by 2030. But the overexploitation of the oceans places them in a highly dangerous situation, nearly 90% of large marine species and around 50% of coral reefs are being destroyed. We take more from the ocean than it can replenish.

It then becomes urgent that we all work together to develop a balance that allows restoring its vitality and not depleting its resources for life.

At SGK-PLANET we invite you to learn about and participate in the activities that take place during the celebration of the annual United Nations World Oceans Day Event, which this year proposes that “It is time to put the ocean first”.

Aixa Chacin
Editorial Director of SGK-PLANET

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