FAQS about the Stockholm Conference 1972

9. Have we listen the Stockholm Declaration in these 50 years?

Unfortunately, the facts show the small attention and interest that humans have paid to the wise “Proclamations” and “Principles on the environment and development”, issued in Stockholm half a century ago.

The numbers speak for themselves. Let’s see for example the PPM -parts per million- of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. In 1972 they were at 330 PPM, by 2021 they already reached 416 PPM, an increase of 26%, the highest in the last three million years. PPM rates are directly related to the increase in global temperature. The global temperature has broken its record 17 times in just the last 21 years, which has increased the costs in human lives and has delayed the fight against climate change.

The main causes of the increase in PPM are fossil fuel emissions and deforestation of forests. The former is due to greenhouse gas emissions caused by automotive traffic, light productions, and heavy industries such as steel, aluminum, chemicals, cement, the electrical industry, air and maritime transport, which grow as the pace of population growth, which in 1972, the year of the Stockholm Conference, was approaching 4 billion humans, is projected to reach 8 billion by 2022, a doubling in just two generations.

With regard to the deforestation of the forests, as soon as the lights of the conference room in Stockholm were turned off, the indiscriminate felling of forests increased. Borneo, the lung of Southeast Asia, was a pathetic case between 1970 and 2000. Also noteworthy is the aggressive deforestation of African forests. For last, we leave the Amazon rainforest. The lung of the world began to be cut down in the 1970s, and its uncontrolled deforestation has continued until today, and threatens to get out of hand, with serious effects for all of South America and the rest of the world.

The main consequences of the increase in world temperature and the deforestation of the jungles can be found in the increase wildfires, droughts; air pollution, water pollution and shortage, soils pollution and degradation and desertification of the planet.

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