I can tell you that since I have been following the COPs, since the presentation of the Kyoto Protocol, COP3-1997, Chile realized one of the best campaigns, activities and awareness about climate change and its related issues that I have seen in the months prior to a COP. His web pages, his videos and his extensive and updated information came out from the beginning of the year, earlier than usual. Their programs inspired and activated many children, teenagers and young people.

It is also mandatory to mention the enormous space that the southern country had for the proper development of the event, and the inspiration of architects, designers and other workers created the different areas and their facilities.

The title of this post comes from the article ” The COP25, Chile and its golden opportunity to make history”, published in January 2019, with record readings throughout of this year.

I deeply regret that Chilean friends will no longer be able to see the realization of COP25 in their territory, the most important climate event of the year, and in which so much enthusiasm and expectations accumulated.

I am sure that they had held one of the best Conferences of the Parties staged so far and had put the name of Chile and that of all Latin America very high.

However, Chile still has its golden opportunity, two oceans above, in that great country that is Spain. There, despite the little time remaining from here to December 2, today just 30 days, Chile may complete its performance with the same enthusiasm with which it began.

Let us not forget that the Paris Agreement enters into force in 2020 and COP25 is the last step to finally reach the top of the mountain, where that important document awaits us to act.

The Paris Agreement is the hope of humanity for a better world, in every way. With him, if all goes well, we will begin to get rid of the threats of climate change, that nine-headed monster that we have created. It is also the solution to eliminate air pollution, that very serious threat to the health of the inhabitants of countless cities; o des-plasticized rivers, seas and oceans; or achieve Sustainable Development, because this document is the mother of almost all climate agreements.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss