FAQs about COP21 Paris 2015

10. What would happen if the agreements reached at COP21 were not met?

A failure of the negotiations agreed at the twenty-first Climate Change Conference, COP21, would have unpredictable and perhaps irreversible consequences. A delay in the programs of the Paris Agreement would undermine the main objective of COP21, such as to achieve an increase of no more than 2°C in global temperature. Failure to achieve this goal would have serious consequences for life on Earth as we know it. We would attend to increases in droughts, fires, destruction of agriculture, shortage of drinking water, food shortages, meteorological phenomena and famines of magnitudes impossible to predict by science. It would increase the melting of the Poles, with the consequent increase of the level of the seas, erasing entire populations in coasts and islands, with mass mortalities and exoduses never known.

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