FAQ about Drought and Water Scarcity

6. What are the consequences of the drought?

Today much of the planet suffers from drought and water scarcity, in some places severely.

The consequences of a long drought bring great calamities to the peoples. The main effects are health, food, and economic, and in extreme cases, they cause waves of migration of settlers, who go in search of a better quality of life to other places.

The most frequent consequences of drought are malnutrition, dehydration and diseases. Declining crop and livestock production leads to famines due to drought and damage to the habitats of other species.

Forest fires are frequently a consequence of drought. Undoubtedly, the delay in rainfall in recent decades has extended the dry season in various parts of the Earth, and therefore has increased mega forest fires, characterized by their great extension, speed and enormous destructive capacity. A mega forest fire can attack towns and cities, cause great disasters to their inhabitants, in addition to spreading smoke to distant areas, which in extreme cases has even gone around the planet. Large fires have increased in recent times, such as in Australia, Brazil, California, Spain, Portugal, Greece and other countries on Earth.

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