From some time now Joseph has not been able to sleep well. It was he who placed that economic little note, those in the supply of twelve words, “has died Doña Protocol of Kyoto sell beautiful beach house”, as recounted two years or so ago, part of a trilogy which will I did a “replay” these virtual dollars recently, motivated by his force and my baptism in Facebook. Joseph wakefulness is the product of separate concerns: first, failed sell their cute little house on the beach because a torrential downpour, caused by climate change, we pulled up the furniture through the windows. To complete, after spending a fortune to repair and furnish it, some people came and invaded, so that with all these people in even the most clueless he is willing to buy it.

The second has more tormented yet, because it is something mental, something other, of another economic nature, which is sometimes worse things than money, as is the case. And since he died Doña Protocol of Kyoto, José walks with a backpack behind guilt, for having touched him cover those uncomfortable paperwork to do families, amidst their pain and sorrow, when it occurs the sensitive loss of a loved one. But the truth is that apart from putting the little note, nothing else could do, because the body of the deceased disappeared like rabbits in hats magicians. The worst part was that since something terrible lives in the head of Joseph, something that manages to explain because most states that intermittent voices heard, he says are those of the lady.

Amid rumors and urban legends were many and contradictory things that were said about the disappearance of Mrs. Protocol. If “all is dead,” “he did not die”, “that prolonged the life”, “walking around without known address”, “that is waiting to be replaced by another Dona”. But the truth is that nobody is clear about his whereabouts since then. José just remember that the last time he saw after that syncope, Mrs. body lay on a sidewalk and no one came to collect it, including coroner. In view of this José he chose to retire to his home. It was the next day when he fell into a panic, seeing that Dona Protocol of Kyoto was not located in nowhere and no one cared, despite being her brake global warming.

Such has been the despair of poor Joseph has been engaged in a quest for almost three years, but all efforts have crashed into nothingness. However, our man has not given up and continue the fight. Recently he chose new methods to see if he could find some clue that will place the lady fall from grace. He tried to confuse the search algorithms, got into the freshest news, rummaged the upgraded sites on the subject, but got nothing substantially different from what brought rumors and urban legends for three years.

In view of the negative result, he is more frightened than ever. You know he must do something for the Banshee, which is like saying do something for the planet. Yes, well capitalized, that is how we should write this minimum blue dot floating in the universe, this has been so generous to us and other species living in their midst. For now intermittent voices have become more frequent and frightening at the head of Joseph. The lady has threatened to pull him by the feet while you sleep if not done urgently for her.

Doña Protocol of Kyoto has taken to Joseph. The problem is that if we unprepared, Doña Climate Change, the truly brave, yes that’s going to take us.

Sandor Alexander Gerendas-Kiss