Only One Earth. World Environment Day 2022

In harmony with nature

Living sustainably in harmony with nature

This June 5, 2022, we celebrate World Environment Day. The theme this time is Only One Earth, and with the motto Living sustainably in harmony with nature. On the occasion of Stockholm+50, the theme of the Stockholm Conference of 1972 or the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment has been taken up. For this same reason, Sweden was designated as the host country for the celebration of the events for World Environment Day 2022.

For the United Nations, the date of June 5 represents the most important on the calendar for climate issues, it is the global platform to “promote global awareness and action for the environment.”

In turn, at the 1972 Stockholm Conference, UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program, is created, considered the world’s environmental authority, working with governments and the private sector of the countries, as well as with civil society. It coordinates its activities with other United Nations entities and international organizations.

“In 2022 we hope that the world will begin to turn the page on the worst chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic. And we do so with the knowledge that we continue to face the three planetary crises that threaten our future: the climate change crisis, the biodiversity loss crisis, and the pollution and waste crisis. (…) Sweden’s announcement, and a slogan for World Environment Day that puts nature and people at the center of environmental work, reminds us of the roots of working to protect our environment and injects momentum vital to global efforts to build back better and more sustainably”.
Inger Andersen. UNEP Executive Director

The #OnlyOneEarth campaign is a call “to global collective action to celebrate, protect and restore our planet”.

Aixa Chacin


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