FAQs about Coal

8. Is there a plan to stop using coal?

The Powering Past Coal Alliance is a group of more than 70 members. It is currently composed of 30 countries, 22 regions and 28 organizations that aim to accelerate the elimination of energy produced by traditional coal no later than 2030. The Alliance was launched on the initiative of Canada and the United Kingdom, announced at the COP23 climate summit, in November 2017.

The number of members grew from 20 to 50 in one month and today there are already 70, but none of the ten largest coal producers belong to the group. However, there are cities or regions of some of them that have enrolled in the Alliance. This is the case of the states of California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Oregon and Washington, of the United States, and Sydney and Melbourne of Australia.

The objectives of the La Powering Past Coal Alliance are:

Governments / states will eliminate the existing traditional coal power.

Governments / states will create a moratorium on any new traditional coal power plant without capture and storage of operational carbon.

The companies / organizations will promote operations without coal.

Members will ensure that policies and investments support clean energy.

Members will restrict funding for traditional coal power without carbon capture and storage.

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