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9. Does something change a time just because it is assigned a new name?

More than the name of an epoch, what should interest us is to stop climate change and safeguard what nature has cost it to build for hundreds of millions of years. However, defining an era with its own name, and more in this case, due to the transcendence and seriousness that it involves, would have an appreciable value. Many of us already have the knowledge that the constant increase in temperature is a global reality, as well as the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Officializing entry into a new epoch would have an important psychological effect. Just imagine the huge impact that a headline like this would have on the main newspapers of the world: “It’s official, we’re in Anthropocene.” And not only in the public but in many institutions, companies and legislative bodies of the world. The officialization of a situation raises its credibility and importance.

From that moment the Anthropocene would have frequent place in the media and would be subject to discussions and debates in universities, assemblies, forums, opinion programs, places, etc. In conclusion, taking the step to recognize the Anthropocene would be a milestone in the fight against climate change.

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The Anthropocene, the epoch of humans

The evolution of the homo genre has been such a vertiginous race that it is an event unparalleled on our planet, since we had never seen anything like it on the evolutionary scale of any kind. This rapid progress has been observed through the measurements of the skulls found by the paleoanthropologists. In a period of 2.5 million years the brain size of our genre has tripled, from 650 cc to 1450 cc…

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The Anthropocene is the name that some scientists have proposed to indicate a new geological era, characterized by the great modifications to the planet made by humans. Although the Anthropocene or “Age of Humans” the concept circulates in books and thousands of media.

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