FAQs about COP23 Fiji-Bonn 2017

9. Why is Fiji so vulnerable to global warming?

With its approximately 300 islands, of volcanic origin, the territory of Fiji is formed by atolls, whose small height makes it very vulnerable to cyclones and floods. Fiji is no stranger to the devastation caused by climate change. In an extreme case could even be submerged in the Pacific if global warming fails to stop, and therefore neither the melting of the Poles. The floods of maritime origin are associated with the scourge of tropical cyclones that pass near the coast, but also due to the strong waves. In 2012, Vunidogoloa was the first town to begin moving to higher ground due to sea level rise. In the future, if global warming fails to stop these climate impacts will increase.

tion on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said.

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