FAQs about COP23 Fiji-Bonn 2017

7. What will be the consequences of the United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement?

The departure of the United States from the Paris Agreement is a complex affair, and has several edges. First, its share of greenhouse gas emissions is around 15%. Secondly, ignoring climate treaties feels free to abandon the commitments made, as in fact already has cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency. It also indicates that it will encourage new methods of extraction and production of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) fuels. Thirdly, it will no longer contribute its contribution to the Green Climate Fund, aimed at countries with lower resources to meet their GHG reduction commitments and move towards new clean energies. All this goes in the opposite direction to the clauses of the Paris Agreement. The good news is that California Gov. Jerry Brown said cities and states can still make a profound difference in climate change without the support of the Trump administration. For his part, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that 375 US cities have signed the Paris Agreement reductions, even though the United States has withdrawn. He further promised “that New York City would go even further with dramatic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions through strict improvements in city codes for its main source of emissions.

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