FAQs about COP23 Fiji-Bonn 2017

8. What does the motto of COP23 “One Conference, two zones” mean?

Bonn is the host city of the UNFCCC, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and will provide the physical spaces and other resources needed to carry out COP23. Fiji is a small Pacific island, located in the Polynesian, and one of the most vulnerable sites in the face of the possible effects of climate change. That is why you take these threats very seriously.

The COP23 has two complexes: one near the UN campus and the Bonn World Conference Center, the “Bula Zone”, and another located in the heart of Rheinaue Park, the “Bonn Zone”. The “Bula Zone” is where the governments will hold their talks, while in the “Bonn Zone” will be held events focused on climate action. This is the reason for the motto “one conference, two zones”. In Fiji, the word “bula” means “hello” and expresses a desire for good health and happiness.

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