FAQs about Oceans

6. What is overfishing and what consequences does it have for the oceans?

Overfishing, or unsustainable fishing, is the excessive fishing carried out by humans that prevents fish or other marine species from maintaining their population, since the capture of fish goes faster than the reproduction capacity of said species, resulting in one of the great threats to marine biodiversity, especially and in general to the biodiversity of the entire planet.

The consequences of the decline of one species have repercussions on others within the trophic or food chain. If the population of a species is reduced, it causes the reduction of its predators on the one hand, and on the other the number of those that they prey on increases.

Other Secctions of the Oceans


Revitalization: collective action for the ocean. World Oceans Day 2022

On June 8 we celebrate World Oceans Day 2022, this year framed in the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences and within which the Conference of the Oceans. The theme of 2022 Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean wants this year to emphasize the greatness of the ocean as a source of life for all human beings and for all other organisms that inhabit the Earth.

The purpose of World Oceans Day is to inform about the impact of humans on the ocean, to develop a global movement of citizens for the ocean, and to mobilize and unite the world’s population in a project for the sustainable management of the oceans.

Our planet Earth is also known as the blue planet because more than 70% of its surface is covered by the waters of oceans and seas, which gives it its distinctive color. These huge bodies of water are essential for life as they provide us with food, as well as being important regulators of climate change and generators of most of the oxygen we breathe.

World Oceans Day was proposed during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992, although it was only implemented in 2008. Since then, World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8 of each year, by resolution of the General Assembly of the UN. Its objective is to raise awareness about the importance of the oceans and how to preserve them. This year the UN has chosen two reasons to celebrate World Oceans Day.

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