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5. What is a wind farm?

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines that can be located on land or at sea, the former being the most common, although parks far from the coasts have grown significantly in Europe in recent years. The number of wind turbines that make up a park is variable and depends, among other aspects, on the needs of an area, the available surface and the characteristics of the air currents of the place. Not all the energy that comes from the wind is usable, the wind energy only operates with horizontal currents, since the vertical do not have the dynamic energy necessary for its use. Before the choice of the site to install a wind farm, the features of the wind must be analyzed for twelve or more months. In addition, they must undergo a prior environmental impact study, which includes the effect of the works, power lines, effects on the flora and fauna and the visual impact.

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Wind Power, unlimited, clean and efficient

The main objective of the Paris Agreement is to limit the increase in global temperature to no more than 2°C, from its pre-industrial level, by the end of this century. To achieve this key objective, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced until they are completely eradicated. Through the premise “Zero fossil fuels” is intended to replace oil, coal, natural gas and gas oil for renewable and clean energy, such as solar energy, electric cars and wind energy…



Wind Power: clean, renewable and natural

Wind energy is the ability to obtain an effect from wind or air currents and convert it into electrical energy. Wind energy is clean, renewable and natural, so it goes in the direction of the Paris Agreement and the fight against global warming and climate change. Wind energy, solar energy and lithium batteries from electric cars are the main weapons available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The wind process is carried out by means of a wind turbine…


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