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9. What is a High-Level Climate Champion at COP26?

During COP21, the parties agreed that stronger and more ambitious climate action was required to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. For this, the figure of the High-Level Climate Champion was created. These figures, since then, are chosen every year. One is chosen from the current COP and the other from the next one. Its role is to facilitate collaboration between governments and cities, regions, companies, and investors who must act on climate change.

Gonzalo Muñoz, for Chile (COP25)

“He is a business entrepreneur and creator of social changes at the forefront of environmental innovation in Chile. Muñoz reinvented his country’s recycling industry to usher in a waste-free future. He did so by founding a recycling company in 2009 and has since presided over the expansion to other parts of Latin America. His company produces a recycling station capable of processing 90% of household solid waste. Through the popularity of his innovation, Muñoz has led a cultural movement to promote environmental sustainability and social inclusion.” According to the UNFCCC.

Nigel Topping, for the United Kingdom (COP26)

“Nigel Topping was CEO of We Mean Business until December 2019. In that organization, he promoted a radical collaboration for climate action among NGOs working with the most influential companies in the world. This coalition played a key role in bringing the constructive voice of companies in support of the Paris Agreement. Under Nigel’s leadership, the drive for ambition and action has continued to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Nigel is part of the Energy Transitions Commission and has been instrumental in launching many initiatives.”

FAQs about COP26 Glasgow 2021

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